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Accent Sisters Rebrand

Accent Sisters is a speakeasy bookstore dedicated to showcasing emerging voices and fostering an inclusive environment for East Asian women. With a rebellious spirit, Accent Sisters boldly offers a curated selection of books, including those banned in China, where feminism is often regarded with negativity and misconceptions in many Asian societies. This speakeasy bookstore serves as a sanctuary, providing a safe and liberated space for Asian women to amplify their voices and perspectives.

In conceptualizing the brand, I incorporated Nüshu, a unique Chinese writing system created and used exclusively by women. Originating from Jiangyong County in the southern part of Hunan Province, Nüshu is comprehensible to only a select few worldwide. Nevertheless, it has evolved into a symbol of Chinese feminism. Chinese feminists don't need to know the exact content of Nüshu; they recognize the characters and know that it is relevant to Chinese women as long as they see it. 

Accent Sisters:

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